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30 Year Fixed Rate

30 year fixed rate loan

30 year fixed rate loans are a common choice for our customers. To determine if this is a program that is right for you, you must first consider how long you plan on keeping the subject property or loan. If your answer is long-term (10 years or longer) then a 30 year fixed option may work well for you.

Why should you consider a 30 year fixed rate loan?

  • Historical Low Interest Rates: Locking a low 30 year fix rate is a hedge against inflation and rising interest rates.

  • No Surprises: Your mortgage payment remains constant and will not adjust.  

  • Long Term Mortgage Planning: You will have peace of mind knowing your payment will be the same for the life of the loan.



Call us today at 800-865-6266 to see if you qualify or submit a contact form.

As always, we will take the time to educate you on the pros and cons of this loan product to make sure it suits your needs. RWM is a direct lender and consistently delivers timely service, with the utmost professionalism to make your loan process as transparent and smooth as possible. 

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